Artisanal branding & design
for small businesses cultivating a livelihood doing what makes them feel alive!

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When you develop a brand, it elevates your business. When you develop your business,
it elevates your life.

Hello! I’m Berdene Owen.
I believe that business is personal.
My core service is to work alongside you to create a compelling brand that is tailor-made, skillfully crafted and shaped with strategic intent.

Let’s take your branding & design projects from TO-DO to TA-DA!

Lovely words from Cherished Clients

What are my two favourite things about working with Berdene? One: her keenness to dig in, and keep digging to get to the right solution. Two: her ability to deliver those solutions with design excellence. There is no such thing as ‘close enough’ in her work or her work ethic. I can’t recommend her services highly enough.

Gordon Brew

Team Lead, Content & Design, CBM