Design is a collaborative process. Your creative partner should be someone you feel comfortable with. Business is personal.

Running a small business means being resourceful and wearing many hats, but let’s face it, some are a better fit than others!

Hello! I’m Berdene Owen.
If the branding-&-design hat is not a natural fit for you, allow me to wear it (it’s my favourite!), so you can focus on doing what you do best.
p.s. No one knows your business better than you, so keep your thinking cap handy!

Values & Character


Business is Personal

There is no boundary between who we are inside or outside of business hours. In a time of aggressive demands on our attention, I see an opportunity for courteous, generous messages that respect and care for each other’s success.


Artisanal Quality

Generic is far from inspirational. I believe design should be tailor-made, skillfully crafted and shaped with strategic intent. A brand should not JUST be beautiful, but it should BE beautiful. Every touchpoint should delight!


Conversation & Clarity

I believe that design must be founded on open conversation. Each project kicks off by asking clarifying questions and listening with care. We need to be clear with each other, so that you can be clear with your audience!


alivelihood lifestyle
Life-long apprentice

My childhood was spent apprenticing myself to any family member who would teach me their craft: knitting from my Ouma (grandmother), sewing from my mom, and woodworking from my dad. My creative journey continued with a Bachelor of Design degree from York University and Sheridan College. 15 years’ experience in boutique design studios and as a freelancer have taught me about the power of strategic design and the joy of building partnerships with passionate not-for-profits, small businesses and entrepreneurs.


My transition to freelance was intended to be temporary – when my kids started school, I would go back to work full-time. When the time came, however, I was struck by a realization: there simply was no going back.

The flexibility of running my own business had played a pivotal role in making a life for our family that suits us perfectly. I have found my Alivelihood: earning a living doing what makes me feel alive. This epiphany became foundational to my recent rebrand, and it is what I whole-heartedly endeavour to help my clients cultivate for themselves.

Home, salty home

Originally from South Africa, I have crisscrossed Canada from Ottawa to Toronto to Vancouver, and am thrilled to call beautiful Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, my home. My bright blue 19th century home, that I share with my husband, our two dapper little dudes and our dog, Lewis. These days, when I’m not creating for clients, I’m sculpting or enjoying a Spot of Poetry.

Lovely words from Cherished Clients

I got to see the MindSentinel ‘Visual Identity’ book today and I am blown away by it. I can’t thank you enough for the detail, care, sensitivity and commitment you have shown to the project and the end result speaks for itself. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Veronica Merryfield

CEO/CTO, MindSentinel

Creative Partnership

I love collaborating with Aleksandra Gniazdowska from o2creative. She provides invaluable insights with a special focus on marketing strategy and expertise on all things web-related.

Armed with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design, Aleks freelanced while working at design agencies, in-house studios and government offices to accumulate expertise in target audience- and objective-driven, strategic design. She brings over a decade of experience in addressing the needs of B2B and B2C organizations through her work with high-profile clients such as Diageo, Home Depot, Lowes, PCL, the Government of New Brunswick and the University of New Brunswick.

When not glued to her screen, Aleks is likely to be found walking her dogs, foraging in their woodland or with her nose in a new book, always in search of inspiration.

A picture is a worth a thousand words.
I’ll let my work speak for itself