Case Study: Branding & Web Design

Lunenburg Seaport

LunenburgSeaport Logo Branding

The branding for the Lunenburg Seaport unfolded in a very unusual way – which seems fitting, as there was never anything usual about the Seaport!

It could best be described as a quirky, informal nautical museum, maker-space and music venue. Toss all notions of a traditional museum overboard, and embark!

Strategic Solution

The Lunenburg Seaport seemed to be finding its sea legs in real time as we were working to define it: To pinpoint why and how they did what they did and for who. It was a joy to be part of this journey. 

After my initial conversations with the founder, Larry Glenwright, about his vision for the Seaport, I presented his team with moodboards and tagline concepts. After narrowing down a heading, I brainstormed, mind-mapped and sketched out some rough ideas, before turning to my screen to digitize my doodles.

Lunenburg Seaport Logo Sketches
Lunenburg Seaport Logo Concepts
Lunenburg Seaport Final Logo
Lunenburg Seaport Website
Concepts and Refinement

The logo concepts were presented mocked up in various ways to show them in context. They ranged from playful to serious, and the team’s choice was unanimous. 

The final logo is textured to suggest weathered artifacts from the sea, and the compass rose symbol establishes the nautical theme. The white space in the “A” was modified to be a compass needle. The logo had 3 variations to allow for flexibility: the full version with the tagline, the stand alone wordmark, and the icon.

New Horizons

The logo was refined and expanded into a full identity with a colour palette, typographic styles, custom and stock illustrations, and many colleral pieces such as business cards, posters, membership card, e-newsletter campaigns and social media assets. 

I once again teamed up with my creative partner, Aleks from o2creative, to develop the website. The branding process in many ways became the wind in the museum’s proverbial sails.

Lunenburg Seaport Business cards
Lunenburg Seaport Morse Code
Lunenburg Seaport Applications

Berdene created a brand presence for us. She took us on a creative journey of ideas and concepts that quickly and easily brought our group to a consensus on the best possible solution. All the materials she created perfectly match our personality and is consistently remarked on by our visitors. We recommend her services to anyone!

Larry Glenwright

Founder, Lunenburg Seaport

Lunenburg Seaport Poster Design
Lunenburg Seaport Details